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W3C Advisory Board Election

It’s that time of the year again: the W3C is running the annual election cycle to renew about half of its Advisory Board, which I have the privilege to serve on for a two-year term as a result of last year’s election.

I think this is no ordinary time in W3C history; there always are many important topics on the AB’s radar, but several current ones raise to the level of existential questions for the W3C:

To fill the 7 seats open on the AB this year, 12 candidates are running. This is an impressive list of highly qualified and motivated people, which makes me optimistic about our prospects at tackling the challenges outlined above regardless of the outcome of this election.

However, not all 12 can be elected, so AC representatives will have to vote. With the current voting system, that means ranking candidates by order of preference. I think these are all great people, and I look forward to working with those who will be elected. At the same time, there are some I am particularly excited about, and would like to encourage voters to rank them high. Here’s my top four:

  1. Elika Etemad has been a leading figure in our community for years, excelling both on technical topics as well as on governance and process questions. She is largely responsible for the success of the CSS-WG over the last 10 years, and is uniquely positioned to drive reforms at the W3C while preserving its core values.

  2. Eric Siow has been a very reasonable voice in the AC, and his strong senior management experience will be particularly valuable given the topics at hand.

  3. Although I only know him by reputation rather than personally, I am particularly impressed with the strong and relevant mix of skills and perspectives Avneesh Singh brings to the table.

  4. In addition to having views well-aligned with mine, Alan Stearns is a master consensus builder, which will come in handy as the AB can be an unwieldy group at times.

I could also say good things about many other candidates, but only the top positions in the ranking have a meaningful impact in the results of the vote. For better or worse, this is my pick.

You can also read Elika’s commentary on some of the other candidates on her blog.

If you are an AC-Rep, please vote here. If you're not but work for a W3C member, please remind your AC-Rep to vote.