Process 2020
Florian Rivoal, AB

What is the Process

The W3C Process Document describes the organizational structure of the W3C and processes, responsibilities and functions that enable W3C to accomplish its mission.
Current Process:

What is the process CG

What is coming for the 2020 update

ETA: end of Q1 or early Q2 2020

Content: some clean-ups, some small things, some big things.


Small Things

(Details, but details may matter )

Not-So-Small Things

Defined how to revise Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and the Patent Policy:
Same as the Process: AB prepares (may delegate), everybody gives feedback, AC reviews
Retired Team Submissions (not Member Submissions)
Not used, Team has other means of putting content on

Big Things

Ongoing work, not yet merged into the 2020 Draft

Fixes and improvement to the REC track
Continuous Development
See dedicated presentation
See dedicated presentation