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Running for the AB

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The W3C will soon run an election to renew 5 of the 9 members of its Advisory Board. As I have been nominated by a member of W3C (thank you Daniel), it is my pleasure to announce my candidacy.

Here is the statement I have provided to W3C for this election:

Many aspects contribute to making W3C a great venue to work on standardisation, but we should not rest on our laurels. The world does not sit still, and we need to constantly work at making W3C better, so that existing projects and working groups have the best working conditions possible, and so that we get a healthy inflow of new projects choosing the W3C as the best host for their standardization efforts.

I have had the opportunity to wear many hats at the W3C: representative of a browser vendor (Opera) to the CSS working group, invited expert to the same CSS-WG and a few other, AC representative of a small company (Vivliostyle), co-chair of a Community Group… I have edited specifications through the whole life cycle, from incubation (in a WG & in WICG) to REC. All that to say that I know how things work at W3C, and also how they sometimes don’t.

I’m from France, live in Japan, lived in Norway and China before, have business relations with Korea and the US… Diversity and global participation are important to me. In particular, I intend to make sure that Asian members get their voices and concerns heard. Other aspects of diversity are not lost on me, and I will support all efforts to make W3C an inclusive and welcoming place to all.

Topics I am particularly interested in for the AB:

PS: I am independent, but my expenses for this role will be covered by Kodansha (one of the largest Japanese publishing companies).

PPS: By the way, I’m not only a techie, I also hold a MBA from INSEAD (often ranked #1 MBA world-wide); you can read my full resume.

If you are an AC-Rep, please vote here. If you're not but work for a W3C member, please remind your AC-Rep to vote.